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What is a compactor?

A compactor is a convenient mechanical unit to compact many types of waste and/or recycling material. A compactor has a hydraulic device that crushes material and reduces material volume. This helps a customer save money by reducing the amount of loads.

Are there different types of compactors? Yes, there are a few, such as:

How do compactors work?

The material is placed into a hopper connected to the compactor. The material is then pushed into the receiving container. As the container begins to fill the material is compacted. The material is then stored into the container. With an 80% full indicator light the customer is aware when service will be needed.

Benefits of having a compactor

Frequently Ask Questions about Compactors:

Q: Can a compactor save our company money?

A: The compactor will save you money by reducing loads thereby reducing costs.

Q: What type of material can be placed into a compactor?

A: Many types of material such as: trash, recyclable paper/plastics or cardboard.

Q: Where do you place a compactor?

A: It is usually placed on a concrete pad in a loading dock area, rear or side of building, or back parking lot area of property.

Q: Would a compaction system reduce the amount of loads compared to my roll-off container?

A: Yes, compaction allows container volume to decrease, reducing the number of loads.

Q:What types of businesses benefit from using a compaction unit?

A: Grocery stores, large office buildings, retail stores, or any business with high volume waste or recycling needs.

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